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(Released 2007) “Crush Your System” is the sophomore LP from Dutchmassive. This title was originally released on Rawkus Records for their historic ‘Rawkus 50’ campaign. This album features Buff1 of Athletic Mic League, Median, Mishoo the Drumkit, ST/MiC, Unknown, Muneshine, Fresh Daily, Main of The Villanz, Jazz Addixx, NapsNdreds, Surreal, Von Pea of Tanya Morgan and Will Widdoss. Production is handled by: Illmind, 14KT (Cliffnotes), Mo0, Rik Marvel, Roxstar, Sebmaestria, Slopfunkdust, Surreal, Dela, Comfort Fit, Take aka Sweatson Klank, Unknown, Tzarizm, Mudd and Samiyam.


01. Crush Your Intro (Prod by Roxstar) 
02. Far Away (Prod by Rik Marvel) 
03. Vampire Night (Instrumental Interlude) [Prod by Dutchmassive] 
04. I Won’t Stop (feat. Mishoo the Drumkit) [Prod by Comfort Fit] 
05. Ghibli (Prod by Dutchmassive) 
06. I Want Her (Prod by 14KT) 
07. Love Is Complicated Tomorrow (feat. ST/MiC & Unknown) [Prod by Unknown] 
08. Dream Suite (Prod by Take aka Sweatson Klank) 
09. The Art of the Collar Pop (Prod by Tzarizm) 
10. Vibrate (Prod by Slopfunkdust aka T. The Beat Specialist) 
11. Get It On (feat. Muneshine & Fresh Daily) [Produced by Mudd] 
12. Without Love / Last Minute Mixtape (Prod by Dutchmassive) 
13. Positive Contact! (feat. Main of the Villanz) [Prod by Dutchmassive] 
14. Better Man (feat. Median & Von Pea of Tanya Morgan) [Prod by Illmind] 
15. 7th Day (feat. Will Widdoss) [Prod by Roxstar] 
16. Kill ‘Em in 8-Bit (Prod by Samiyam of Flyamsam) 
17. Main Vein / Launch Interlude (feat. Napsndreds) [Prod by Mo0 & Dutchmassive] 
18. Blood Rush (feat. Buff1 of Athletic Mic League) [Prod by Sebmaestria] 
19. Life Lines (feat. Surreal) [Prod by Surreal & Dutchmassive] 
20. Butterflies Pt. 1 / She’s Ansi (Prod by Dela & Dutchmassive) 
21. Kelley’s Dream (DeepHouse Remix) [Prod by Dutchmassive] 
22. Intro Interlude to Project REACH (Bonus Track) 
23. Project REACH (Radio Promo) [Bonus Track] 
24. Little Drummer Boi (Radio Promo) [Bonus Track] 
25. Season Emcee (Radio Promo) [Bonus Track] 
26. My Apology Pt. 1 (Radio Promo) [Bonus Track] 
27. Love Was Complicated Yesterday (feat. ST/MiC & Jazz Addixx) [Prod by Mudd] [Bonus Track] 
28. Outro Interlude to Project REACH [Bonus Track] 
29. Shipping & Handling (Instrumental) [Prod by Dutchmassive] [Bonus Track] 
30. The American Dream (Performed by Surreal) [Prod by Dutchmassive] [Bonus Track]

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Take (sweatson Klank) - Dream Suite Ft. Dutchmassive

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