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Who been trying to achieve Lucid Dreaming with no luck?  Word? Come get A Lesson

I think he sent me this in 2006?….Not sure, I know it was on A mix I made for my Ex before we started dating….which was Fall of 06, so it had to be before that.

The track is called “Time” and Take actually Remixed it..  Either way…….  This a A Gem……. 


Dream Suite by DUTCHMASSIVE [Download Link] - prod by TAKE

Lucid Dreaming…..ah, Ufk your Kendrik Lamar’s, J Coles and emcee poopy head. Dutchy Dutchy Dutchy for President =)~

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Only Mountain: The Remixes

Label: Alpha Pup Records
Release Date: Feb-22-2011 

Only Mountain: The Remixes features sixteen fresh reflips from the tracks of Only Mountain, the standout 2010 full-length album from Alpha Pup producer Take. A diverse and very talented cast of artists re-sling Take’s work into new tunes that bubble, break and curve, displaying a brilliant spectrum of sounds from some of the best in the bent world of beats.

Opening with Take’s own sunny day regroove of “Begin End Begin,” Only Mountain: The Remixes pours out the funk on Mono/Poly’s remix of “Quartz for Amber,” then parades forth triumphantly with a new version of “Don’t Look Now” by Alex B. Mux Mool’s riveting remix of “If We All Don’t Go Insane” and Free the Robots’ harder version of “Before You Think” lead to an invigorating conclusion with a fun flip of “Begin End Begin” by Falty DL. More tracks from standout artists Tokimonsta, Anenon, Dibiase, Shigeto, Leonard Dstroy, Eliot Lipp and Low Limit make Only Mountain: The Remixes an integral community collection.

Stacked from top to bottom with interesting sonic gems, Take’s Only Mountain: The Remixes is a thoughtful sampling of work from many of the beat community’s brightest stars.

1. Begin End Begin (Take Remix)
2. Quartz For Amber (Mono/Poly Remix)
3. Don’t Look Now (Alex B Remix)
4. Horizontal Figuration (Tokimonsta Remix)
5. Incredibright (Anenon Remix)
6. Paper Garden (Griffi Remix feat. Aqeel)
7. Neon Beams (Dibiase Remix)
8. If We Don’t All Go Insane (Mux Mool Remix)
9. Before You Think (Free The Robots Remix)
10. Implosions - (Shigeto Remix)
11. Neon Beams - (The Clonious Remix)
12. Quartz For Amber (Leonard Dstroy Remix Feat. Reggie B. )
13. Paper Garden (Low Limit Remix)
14. Neon Beams - (Eliot Lipp Remix)
15. Juniper (Om Unit Remix)
16. Begin End Begin (Falty Dl Remix)


My Mellow my man, This is TAKE aka (Sweatson Klank)

He released a new album this year titled "ONLY MOUNTAIN" and if you are one of those Cats or Kittens who is all over FLYING LOTUS, and have not listened to Take’s music. Your missing out. Because Take is one of FLY LO’s Biggest Inspirations as well as mine.

This is A Remix I did off his new album. I need to Shorten it, and he wants me to rhyme over it but I just have not had the time to meet the deadline for the remix album.

So here it is.

LISTEN HERE  <—— “If We Don’t All Go Insane” (Dutchmassive REMIX)

I Dare you to say, that you like Madlib and Dilla but don’t feel my iddish =)


Taken from the second of All City’s set of 10 collaborative 10” releases highlighting acts from LA’s burgeoning beat scene, Take's “Soul Particles” begins with a soulful disco sample, then launches into a shuffle that would make Flying Lotus proud. Snippets from the original sample form the regal melodic backdrop for the piece, with echoing female vocals and a nice, lilting synth line doing most of the work in front of secondary blips. With his more sample-heavy, experimental approach to crafting beats, Take is on track to become one of the most unqiue artists to emerge from what is an increasingly crowded genre.


  • For those who don’t know, TAKE released an AMAZING ALBUM on CD & DOUBLE VINYL called EARTHTONES AND CONCRETE: which featured myself, DUTCHMASSIVE as the only Emcee on this EPIC album…. “DREAM SUITE” is to this date my favorite track that I have been A part of….   Peep the review below


Slouched Over (Remix) Download
Dream Suite (feat. Dutchmassive) Download
Stepping Over Buildings Download
from Earthtones & Concrete (2007, Inner Current)

TAKE (aka Thomas Wilson) is a Los Angeles-based composer who expands the range of instrumental hip-hop into vivid new realms. With multiple successful EPs under his belt, TAKE is set to unleash “Earthtones & Concrete,” his debut full-length player upon the masses. Take’s compositions spin cinematic qualities that depict a psychedelia-infused urban life. His music delivers sensory deconstruction, realized through jazzy tonalities and bit-crushed melodies.

Take has long been at the center of a growing scene of talented Los Angeles area musicians/producer/djs. As a co-founder of the legendary beat showcase night “Sketchbook,” he has finely crafted his dj sets for the last 10 years, and has adapted his compositions for live performance. Using synths, samplers, guitar pedals and any gadget at hand to recreate his tracks in front of the audience, Take’s sets deliver more than a guy staring at a laptop. He also works with producer/keyboardist Black Monk to bring even more interaction to his performance. Take will eventually have an interchangeable group of musicians and producers performing his songs.

Take has shared the stage, as DJ or performing live, with artists such as Prefuse 73, Mos Def, Daedelus, Caural, Nobody, Ammon Contact, Scienz of Life, Flying Lotus, T’arrach, and edIT.