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A Flip of “Supernatural” by King


Dutchy - The Scramble (Mndsgn Eggs Remix)



You can now download my set from the Rootnote x DeliciousVinyl show.

Download DVTV Session #64 feat.Dutchy

PAXICO #POWWAW // DUTCHY [recorded video stream link - ] (01:18:00)

Dutchy (feat.Kaelin Ellis) - Lua Cheia

+ CHOPS & KEYS @dutchmassive
+ DRUMS @kaelinellis

Hot Record Société - Vol. III: Lá Vem A Onda

• This is the third volume of Hot Record Société’s compilation series, brought to you by various artists from across the globe. •

• In this digest, we pay homage to the music of Brasil. •

• Thank you for listening. •


Dutchy - The Hardest

Pre-Order Limited Edition Cassette Tape
Cassette. Strictly limited to 50 copies on baby pink cassettes. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

The second volume in our continuing exploration of the international beats scene: featuring our extended family as well as artists across the globe that we respect. Expect to hear everything from bass-heavy electronics to dirty & dusty sample excursions….and everything inbetween!

Compiled by Mecca:83 
Cover Art by Evan Jones

Really tho….. Ufk your Cassette Collection B and your Digital Download - Dutchmassive

@houseshoes OneForShoes - Dutchy (ElectricKeyChopGawdFlip)

PalosVerdesBikingAccident - Dutchy! [10minbeatchallenge]

I gave myself 10 minutes to make a beat. Bounced it out to my mp3 player…. Rolled A J. Got on a Bicycle to listen to the mix…. Went down a steep hill. and Crashed…. Enjoy the beat. <3 Dutchyyyyyyyyyyyy

Dutchy! - th’ Tame_one

Tame Impala fun flip

Collective Resonance #43 By Dutchy! [Full Version / Un-aired]

01.) [csd] - sumthn.[about mary] [beta]
02.) [csd] - Any HartBrake [beta]
03.) brandon - Mangoes feat. M.E.R.C.
04.) [csd] - Lowkey rough
05.) phedee - 10 months
06.) NAMELESS - Bounce Unlimited
07.) 14kt - Initial Thought
08.) Josh Hey - hoodiewhether
09.) unOwn - Unknown4 snip
10.) Samiyam - Back on some otha ISh
11.) [csd] - Pretendo [beta]
12.) AshtreJinkins - RepeatedFailures
13.) Praise Due - Acquire Infiity
14.) Mndsgn - NervousNESS
15.) prof-logik-x-ackryte - Round of Applause
16.) Domo Genesis & The Alchemist - Gamebreaker Feat Earl Sweatshirt
17.) Mndsgn - Untitled
18.) Freestyle Fellowship - When The Sun Took A Day Off And The Moon Stood Still
19.) Cella Dwellas - Land of the Lost
20.) Gravediggaz - Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide
21.) Del - You’re In Shambles
22.) Black Moon - GotChaOpenRmx
23.) 14Kt - Untitled
24.) O.C. - Time’s Up (instrumental) - prod by Buckwild
25.) Cella Dwella’s - We_Got_it_Hemmed_(Lp_Version)
26.) Leonard Dstroy - Mojave
27.) Aspect1 - Dangers around every turn
28.) Hi-tek - next universe (instrumental)
29.) Dj Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - A nightmare on my street
30.) Josh Jetson - GUNNY PEACE (feat. Zacky force Funk)

Peace Peace…… So this was my 1st attempt at DJ’ing & recording Live. Was originally Made around Hallowen, Hence the Throwback 90’s Classic Spooky Vibe at the end. Shout to Kirby @erodaone for letting my use his APC40 and allowing me to execute this lovely passion of mine. Peace to @thecollectiveresonance for airing the 1st of half of the mix via Zula Radio. #ASTRALBASEMENT VOL 2 COMING SOON.

Peace to those who keep sleeping on the gawd.
Bless up - Dutchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Bright green and sticky, Lamb’s Bread gives you energy and positive introspection.