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Aiiiight, So I started slipping and got lazy with pre-checking peoples pages before I “Follow them back” and that lazy choice has turned my Dashboard into alooooooooot of ish I have no damn interest in scrolling past, My Dashboard was the butters for hella long. I mean there has always been young bitties rocking wu-tang shirts and posting Big Ls songs, Snapbacks, supreme, etc………..but i’m talking about ish i have nooooooooooo interest in whatsoever?!?!

makes me wonder Why the ufk you are following me.

Time to Clean house, and don’t take ish personal. 

If I don’t like it, I Don’t like it, that don’t mean that i’m hating



" I Will say this once and let the gods hear me roar…………If you post anything J Cole you will forever leave my Dashboard of dopeness. GURU is rolling in his grave right now with all these Below mediocre emcee’s with they fake Drake Flows and no distinctive voice whatsoever……….. I hope Big Shug punches you in the cotdamn Neck for posting Gaycole. I Literally just woke up from a dead sleep just to post this and text it to someone…………. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! "

- Sincereley, An Emcee “With” A Dope Distinctive voice.

I have a Love / Hate Relationship with Tumblr……… Or rather the people I follow hahah.     

Or for this I offer you a chance at Redemption. (CLICK HERE 2 SAVE YOUR SOUL) =)

"Your Fakin the Funk, talking that extra hard junk you’re probably a punk" - Extra P! (Main Source)

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