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Another Beat Lost in the GREAT HARDDRIVE CRASH of XMAS 2011 =( flip

This was for Majik Most’s new album,  For my Anime heads, enjoy my Durarara!! flip.


  • Dutchmassive
  • Pipe Dream (Demo Version) 1999

hahaha, this phase in my life passed by hella quick.

  • Obscure Disorder
  • Small Talk [1998]

This was DJ A-Trak’s Group before he Blew the Ufk up……….Man this song is sooooooooo Amazing, I still have this 12” that I bought @t Vinyl Fever with @Luciddreamcoats back in 98………


  • Dres (Black Sheep)
  • Everyway Always

One of my Fav Jawn’s that you Definitely haven’t heard =)

  • Black Sheep
  • strobelite honey" [No we didn’t Remix]


Envoy x MPC 2000 (Suckas)

random late night beat

Peace to my ninja Daniel son (ENVOY)……….Sometimes I miss my MPC2000. I Sold it back in 2006, I created almost all of “MUSIC 2 SLEEP TO" on it.  Which no one outside of my immediate Fam has even heard because it just isn’t up to PAR with what i’m trying to do.

Back when I created that album, my MPC would FREEZE UP all the time. So whatever work I put into A Beat was lost and the only thing I could do is record whatever Loop was Playing into my computer. So almost all of my Beat’s from that ERA were never able to be MIXED DOWN. They don’t have change up’s or multiple sequences.      It took hours to load all this samples onto Floppy Disks, because I never used my MPC2000 to chop samples or add FX,  I would Record Vinyl into Sony Sound Forge and Edit, Chop add Effects all in that program.  Needless to Say, I spent more time with Technical drama, rather than creating music so the MPC had to go………………

I’ve Released (not Officially) but leaked on my bandcamp page one of the tracks off of “Music 2 Sleep To" I created the Beat on my mpc2000. So here is A Very Rare & Special Gem.

  • Vintage Slum Village Soundcheck

  • BAATIN, T3 & JAYDEE <3
  • 13 Minutes and 9 Seconds of Dilla playing Bangers and the whole the Original SV just vibing out getting ready to wreck shop, this iddish just made me float on cloud 9!!!!!!!!

So in A Way, It’s pretty much INI? Right? hahaha I have this 12” but the Label is BLUE NOT RED and it’s a defect and Skips like a Bitch!!

Yes, I FLIPPED DORA THE EXPLORER haha Created for my niece Alison Ziegler, I Flipped and Made an Entire Instrumental Album for her Xmass Present.      I Uploaded one of the tracks, tho the album is pretty dope. I’m not going to release it to the public. I didn’t try to freak the samples like usual, I just tried to make it sound like Dora, but w/ A HipHop Twist, I Figure what better way to sway my lovely Niece over to the side of Dope Music =)

Anyway, Enjoy this while its up cus I’ll be removing it soon.

  • YOU LOSE! - produced by DUTCHMASSIVE
  • Unreleased Instrumentals (2008)
  • 1 of 2 tracks created using LOGIC PRO on my MACBOOK before it CRASHED in 08 
  • "Evaporate" (2.0) - Produced by Dutchmassive & Celph Titled
  • Off my Debut Classic Lp "JUNK PLANET" (1997-2002)

My Favorite Abstract Joint…

I Bought this Vinyl @t FatBeats in Manhattan back in 2002 not knowing what I was going to hear.

You can’t even imagine how amazing the vibe was the 1st time I put the needle to this record and heard those drums come in….[Sigh]