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Just think, what if you could just…………

  • Dutchmassive & Surreal
  • Life Lines w/ Cuts by Dj Balance
  • [download link]
  • Crush Your System [Rawkus Records 2007]
  • Jungle Brothers (feat. De La Soul & Q-Tip)
  • How Ya Want It

We Raped this song for Vocal Samples and Choruses


  • Dres (Black Sheep)
  • Everyway Always

One of my Fav Jawn’s that you Definitely haven’t heard =)

  • Black Sheep
  • strobelite honey" [No we didn’t Remix]
  • Q-TIP (A Tribe Called Quest)
  • POSDNOUS (De La Soul)
  • Large Professor [Extra P] (Main Source)

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Tribe SB Blazer “Low End Theory”

Here’s the first preview of the Nike SB Blazer Low End Theory, kicks inspired from the A Tribe Called Quest’s The Low End Theory album. The color scheme of this Nike SB matches well with the album colors. These skateboarding kicks are expected to come out in Fall 2011 season. As of now, we have only one image to show you, stay tuned with us while we come up with some more details.

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"I’m on Award Tour"

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  • DE LA SOUL - “Bitties in the BK Lounge”

This one is for my brother Nellis.   The Tag Team, God N Satan. ABA in EFFECT! Wheres the Man in Black?  We gotta be Jetty on some 5000, Casper BOOM! GHOST Iddish!

"But you must be Aware that a Fly can be swatted by a BK tray, by the way, yo here’s yours" - PLUG1

A Tribe Called Quest Documentary (Trailer)


Upcoming Tribe documentary directed by Michael Rapaport.

I Made this Beat with the Intent of DE LA SOUL rocking it…….


Tell me yu Can’t hear POS & TRU killing this iddish?!?!    Everyone want’s to buy this from me, and all my people want to use it…….       and i’m not going to lie…….      I Can’t give it up, officially at least………I mean, im that a$$hole that will jack your beats and release an album so I can’t complain if kids do the same…….     but as far as OFFICIAL RELEASE?!?!  ITS DE LA SOUL OR BUST!!!!!!!!

                                  YAWN OF THE GEMINI

Jungle Brothers - “Brain”