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  • Memorecks - Empeesee 

If you kids let this amazing Beat pass your Dash, I’ll Boycott dropping gems for a month

  • Bahamdia
  • Innovation

I had A Dope Dream that took my back to my teenage years and this song was stuck in my head as I awoke, IN O VA TION.

  • LONE

Dope Sleepy Beats………….. Go To Bed……………..With dope Beats.

    • AbJo
    • Wave Dance

    Such A Dope Beat, Melody Reminds me of something from the Mario 64 soundtrack a bit. Abjo is Didope…..        Dutchy Co-Sign!

    EDIT: hey YOU! if you scroll past this without pressing play. Then you DESERVE all that FM Radio Feeds you.



    • Brian Green (feat. Slimkid3 of The Pharcyde)
    • The Closet - produced by LA JAY
    • One Stop Carnival (1996)

    If you didn’t know, the corny white kid from 90210, released A Classic album in 1996, Executive produced by Slim Kid 3 (Tre Hardson) LA JAY, and featured Kamau Holoway (Alfalfa from The Wascals) Will1x aka Will.i.am and the Rest of The B.E.P. Pre Fergie and back when they made classic hiphop still.

    If you liked The Pharcyde, you will love the Brian Austin Green Album, cus what he lack’s in lyrics, this album makes up for in Dope Dope Dope Dope Beats..

    Sorry the Audio was Ufked up the 1st time I posted this, here is the actual classic gem.


    • Elaquent
    • Noir (Instrumtental)

    Bonus Iddish:

    For  those Lucky enough to be on tumblr when I drop gems, make sure you actually press PLAY! haha Shout out to my mellow Joe Kay for having such A Great Ear! Peace to Elaquent! - Dutchy Co-sign!!


    • Mishoo the Drumkit
    • All for One (prod by Elaquent) 
    • Download the EP for FREE

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