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Noyce - That Time We Got High

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  • KEM - WITHOUT YOU (Scott Wozniak Shelter Mix)

One of my Fav House tracks of all time.  Takes me back 2006-2008, Ex to the Next Iddish.     peaaaaaaaaaaaace

  • Crewfaces [Instrumental]
  • Dutchy Dutchy Dutchy

As the Sun is setting in Beautiful Tampa Bay, We Wind down, while getting Dressed up and dipped out so we can Dip out and head to the “Aristocrat Martini Lounge" and listen to the Lovely Ambient Boom-Bap Butters like this all Night.   DJ Weasly Wu on the Decks and Dutchy Dutchy Dutchy Waxing Chests?   huh?..  word Boog.

If you’re in the Tampa Bay Area and Wanna Swing thru

Aristocrat Martini Lounge | 1919 E. 7th, Ybor City, FL 33603

Stalk / Lurk Away.

Peace to Joe Kay, Soulection all day.

Dutchy Departs now.




  • Elaquent
  • Noir (Instrumtental)

Bonus Iddish:

For  those Lucky enough to be on tumblr when I drop gems, make sure you actually press PLAY! haha Shout out to my mellow Joe Kay for having such A Great Ear! Peace to Elaquent! - Dutchy Co-sign!!

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  • Dutchmassive
  • Here I Am [Instrumental] 2005
  • From Yawn of The Gemini [Free Download]


  • Dres (Black Sheep)
  • Everyway Always

One of my Fav Jawn’s that you Definitely haven’t heard =)