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  • Equilibrium (Majik Most, Dutchmassive & Celph Titled) 
  • prod by J.J. Brown 

2003 Dutch makes me very very Sad =*(

  • Louis Logic & Apathy
  • Best Friends - produced by J.J. Brown

Bonus Iddish:

  • The Hook - Produced by Celph Titled
  • Dutchmassive (feat. Apathy, Majik Most, C-Rayz Walz, Celph Titled & Louis Logic)


Evaporate // Dutchmassive - produced by Celph Titled

"I Grab the Mic and Make Emcee’s EVAPORATE" - Big Daddy Kane

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Dr. Ama (download)

  • Dutchmassive ft. J.J. Brown

I just turned 30 on May 23rd (Gemini Represent, Represent, sent) but I created this song @t the at of 17. I was working @t SUBWAY (The Sangwich Shop haha) and my mother Called saying my brother was in the Hospital for slitting his wrist with A huge Kitchen Knife……….                I Didn’t know how to handle because my brother is the most precious thing on the earth to me. It absolutely broke my heart to know that my younger brother was going thru that much pain that he would inflict harm to himself. We had A very rough time when my father bounced back to NY and left my mother….well she went in a vicious downward spiral…. If you watch 8Mile and Drumline and change it from trailers to Apartment Complex’s you might understand my teenage years a bit………….       Long Story short, I Closed down the store and wrote Dr. Ama, I Wrote it to A Different beat (produced by MR. RICTOR aka Chris Craft) but ended up releasing The Version produced by and Featuring J.J. Brown.              

This song is almost 13 years old now and was the reason I met:

Ms. Unobtainable"  - Downloadlink                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                . On her myspace she requested me but it wasn’t until she updated her status as A quote from Dr.Ama  “Stressed to the poin’t of no  Return / Bottle’s almost Empty, but the Blunt this Burns”   I peeped her Profile, Reached out to her, everything on her page what little info you can gather from a online profile added up to perfection in my eyes, plus when MY EYES saw the women whom quoted me, it was A WRAP! Everyone has A Dream guy or Dream Girl….  She Literally knocked the wind out of my lungs, so I told her the truth about how she made me feel,   we exchanged numbers, talked for months, I flew her out to Tampa, and that when my heart was no longer mine………… Long story short.          This song now hold layers of meaning……        I really do give you guys (fans, listeners, people who just stumbled accross me) 101% of the Real. I don’t try to act mysterious and untouchable like other Rappers, I am A Fan !st, annd I willl always keep it 100 with you.

SIN-Cerely, Dutch [LIKE]

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  • The Demigodz
  • Starring MAJIK MOST as the OverExcited Fan.
  • Produced by my mellow J.J. Brown

Off the Chrome Freestyle. hahaha       

    • Give Me Just Another Day - The Miracles 

    sampled on:

    • Jay-Z’s “Hov is Back”
    • Young Jeezy’s “Mr. 17.5”
    • Celph Titled, Dutchmassive and Majik Most’sPit of the Flame"
    • Marco Polo feat. Torae “But Wait”
    • and recently on The Left “Get in Where You Fit In”….
    • "Best Friends" produced by J.J. Brown
    •  Louis Logic ft. Apathy

    Prob my Favorite Louis Logic Jawn of all time. Poor Lou, Ap you really played the A$$hole on this on son. haha

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    • Album Created: 1997-2002
    • Album Originally Released: 2004 on Freshchest Records Via Hightimes (yes that Hightimes) / Caroline Distribution.
    • Album Re-Released: Via DEMIGODZ ENT. on iTunes

    I don’t promote this album too much because I was so young when I created it. Even tho people often Like this album better than my new ish (90’s style Jazzy Boom-Bap) It is the product of A Teenager / young adult and well, I’m no longer a hyper and frustrated Teenager. I’m hella humbled and chill. =)

    I’m going to add "JUNKPLANET" to my BANDCAMP page in the next few days, for now if anyone would like to listen / purchase you can do so via iTunes ——> HERE


     DUTCHMASSIVE - JUNK PLANET (Recorded 1997-2002)

    “Walkman on, backpack full of cassettes and a trip on the bus, or futuristic metro according to the cover. Welcome to ‘Junk Planet’: a world of smooth, jazzy 21st century hip-hop. Dutchmassive spits clever, funny rhymes and storylines with a squeaky voice, best comparable to Ace Lover. This promising, young MC is affiliated with the Demigodz, Louis Logic and the Atoms Fam.

    Celph Titled produced most of the tracks and lays down the smoothest jazz loops. The opening title ‘Evaporate' has a straight Bob James loop, Big Daddy Kane and Prince Po samples scratched in the chorus and Dutchmassive introducing himself. In 'Soul Searchin' (feat Pack FM) he criticizes today’s hip-hop scene with its sell-outs ‘great emcees is something from the past’ and ‘hip-hop is no longer a movement, it’s a popular trend’. ‘It Gets Worse’ has a classic music sample (a specialty of Celph Titled) and features the Atoms Family with Vast Aire in a main role. ‘BusStopBuildingBlock’ is like the main theme song of the album: a fresh ass song with Dutch describing a day in his life, catchin busses and listening to his walkman. ‘Just me and my Walkman’ is even an ode to this analogue medium player!

    Junk Planet' is one hell of an album with relaxed, jazzy vibes, references to the old school (check out the fantastic ‘Classic’!), industry criticism and tight production; simply an underground classic.”

    - (Album review taken from / Originally Reviewed on 08-29-2004)

    Word? Really, that how you feel? hahaha nah, I’m seriously blessed to have gotten the Response I did when I release “Junk Planet” back in 2004. Pre-Myspace days hahaha.


    Anyone who knows me knows that THE NONCE - “WORLD ULTIMATE” is one of favorite albums of all time and it defined my style as an Artist, I owe so much to Sach and Yusef, So JUNK PLANET was dedicated to them!