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  • I Won’t Stop - Produced by Comfort Fit
  • Mishoo the Drumkit (feat. Dutchmassive)

Dutchy Dutchy Dutchy All up in your Face.

" 6 people have been UNFOLLOWED today for posting GAY COLE. In Addition, I Refuse to respond to your multiple messages asking why I unfollowed you, and in Addition to that In Addition, I’m pretty sure sending me messages talking ish right after I unfollow you is a wonderful tact. I Can’t Unfollow you twice, why would you care if your not on my dash anyways. "


" I Will say this once and let the gods hear me roar…………If you post anything J Cole you will forever leave my Dashboard of dopeness. GURU is rolling in his grave right now with all these Below mediocre emcee’s with they fake Drake Flows and no distinctive voice whatsoever……….. I hope Big Shug punches you in the cotdamn Neck for posting Gaycole. I Literally just woke up from a dead sleep just to post this and text it to someone…………. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! "

- Sincereley, An Emcee “With” A Dope Distinctive voice.
  • J.Cole
  • "Disgusting"

1st J. Cole joint I listened to past the 1st 5 second’s   and I would have Skipped it Again, once that Extremely Normal Voice (Opposite of Distinct) came in….lucky cole I wasn’t close enough to change it in time and then kinda Dig’d the iddish      I Can’t hate on em cus I haven’t taking the time to acutally sit and listen to his stuff.  This Track is A Banger but I feel like I’m listening to Kanye without Kanye’s Voice…….. “Huh?!?!”      Still Dope nonetheless. 

"it’s Mostly the Voice" - GURU

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