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Dutchy Dutchy Dutchy all up in your Face.

[ R 0 M A N T I C I Z I N G | G 0 N E | W R 0 N G ]
Butterflies prod by Dela [link]
A Day @t the Pool
prod by Dutchy Dutchy Dutchy
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From Yawn of the Gemini
Yesterday’s Gone - Orekid (feat. Lucie Cunningham)
One of my Favorite Beats [Shipping & Handling: The Oddessy] Zone Out to This One.
Yawn of the Gemini (Instrumental Album / Beat Tape)
[Download / Listen]
Even tho there are only 36 tracks on this Jawn, In Reality there are more like 50 w/ all the Hidden Jawns.
Ima Release A EP leading up to ROMANTICIZING this October w/ Joint’s featuring: Samiyam, !llmind, DistantStarr, Hazel, Onra, MokaOnly, JayLotus & Erodaone, Finale, Buff1, Dean High, Louis Bordeax, Intact, Scanz, Grems, Etc………
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Dutchy Dutchy Dutchy
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Word Bond.
Dutchy Dutchy Dutchy All up In your Face.
Criss Cross Apple Sauce, Spiders Crossing down your arm’s, Cool Breeze, Tight Squeeze, Now you got the, Now you got the, Now you go the (BLOW) CHILLS……
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Mwahahahahah.       I have Uber A.D.H.D. so after a few minutes, I get bored…..Stop working on whatever beat it is……So it rotts in Un-mixed down Hell until I Return like A Crooklyn Dodger.

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(feat. Buff1, 14KT, Median, VonPea, Will Widdoss, Samiyam, Illmind, SlopFunkDust, Rik Marvel, Dela, NapsNDreds, FunkGhost, Jazz Addixx, etc)