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Samiyam - Eff This F. Hudson Mohawke - Joints & Remixes (2008)

Bonus Iddish:

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YOU LOSE! (Circa 2008) - DUTCHY

One of the few beats created in Logic (MACBOOK) 2008 


dutchmassive @ Soundcloud

Hayzee - Fallin Love 8bit (2008)  //

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Dutchmassive & SlopFunkDust (Rawkus 50 tour) 2008

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Featuring.  Buff1, 14kt, Surreal & Dj Balance, Dela, Slopfunkdust, Funkghost, Median, Von Pea, !LLMIND, Mo0, Will Widdos, Naps N Dreds, Etc…

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  • I Won’t Stop - Produced by Comfort Fit
  • Mishoo the Drumkit (feat. Dutchmassive)

Dutchy Dutchy Dutchy All up in your Face.

  • Flying Lotus feat. Ahu (Dolly)
  • Roberta Flack (Original Mix) [2008]

This Version of Roberta Flack Smashes all the ones that came after! I hate when Artists/producers Rework A Classic for Sound Quality Purposes and iddish like they forgot all about growing up listening to ish on Dusty Vinyl and Worn out Cassettes.

Peace to Byron the Aquarius for his Addition to this Jawn that goes uncredited.

This is hands down the dopest thing Flying Lotus has ever touched in my Opinion, but it doesn’t hurt that Ahu is my Favorite Female Vocalist on the Planet!


  • Late Night Suff ft Miles Bonney | Suff Daddy (2008)

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  • Q-Tip (feat. raphael saadiq)
  • We Fight We Love

Some Late Night Walking Music…………. Pe@ce

"I’m in control, I got your hand /  you wanna come, shawty thats the plan / As the treble tickles and the bass hums / you want the Dutchy and ill give you some / Some outer space, some feng shui….”

Have you ever made love to A Weirdo?!?!?  <3  <3  <3